Eye the world!

I’m not a photographer by any mean. I’m just a person who loves to explore

sights from different angels.

Owning a camera never gives credit for anyone.

Do you know what really does give this advantage for specific people over others?

It’s the talent inside of them.

There is this site which I like to visit every once in a while, oh ok every other day actually ;p

PHOTORADAR ……Check it out HERE

I have learned a lot from it. You can find reviews for almost

everything related to photography

One of the 2011 March best photos

Photos of the month: March 2011 - Splashdown, Herring Gull Landing by BeckH

© 2011 Photoradar All Rights Reserved

* * * *

And here is a real promising photographer with a good knowledge in the field.

Check his blog MO3ATH  & his FLICKR too. 

He has some really slick works

© 2011 Mo3ath All Rights Reserved



~ by msha3erha on April 4, 2011.

5 Responses to “Eye the world!”

  1. good morning

    mashalla khosh 9war 🙂

    ma sheft alsite ashofa tali enshalla

    yslamo 🙂

    • Good afternoon halla 😀

      Yeaaa they are really good mashallah.

      Take a look oncw you’re free enshallah e3ajbek.

      Esalmek =)

  2. Nithhhhee ;]

  3. Mashallah The first picture really was a captured moment!

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