Japanese Engineers!

Laa2 :O I can’t believe it!!

Take a look at this people

“A road construction job that would have taken months in America has been finished in less than a week in Japan. The 9.0 magnitude March 11th earthquake demolished a stretch of the Great Kanto Highway in Naka, leaving a 150 meter crater-like crack. Construction workers and engineers arrived at the damaged highway on March 17th, and by March 23rd, it looked like the road never even had a pothole.”


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaad !!!!

6 days!!!! Nooooooo !! and we take more than 6 months to demolish a road!

6alabtkom……. abi adres in any university in  Japan ;D LOL

awaili 3alaikom bada3taw wallah

I hope our infrastructure/roads/transportation engineering reach this point of professionalism and go beyond.

P.s: This was taken from http://inhabitat.com/



~ by msha3erha on April 3, 2011.

9 Responses to “Japanese Engineers!”

  1. maaaa agol ella malat 3laina o 3la alda’eri alaowal ;p

  2. law 3endena chan galaw Allah kateb chethy ba3ad laish enta3eb ro7na “qatha’a o qadar” ;r

  3. yeah, it’s japan baby!
    I wonder when will we be such a nation, so self reliant, so productive
    Allah yarzegna o n9eer methelhom =p

  4. mashallah 3alaihum! ilfaal lina!

  5. lat9kenhom 3ain mo nag9een 😛 LOL(jk)
    mashallah 3alaihum

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