Supermoon 2011 !

Last night , the closest full moon to earth showed up in the sky.

The pic was taken from Tau Zero , one of my favorite photography blogs.

I have a better shot for the phenomena

but definitely won’t share cuz it was taken just for me 😀 lol sorry.


~ by msha3erha on March 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “Supermoon 2011 !”

  1. يا سلام على القمر

    انا صوورته بكامرة تلفوني بس حسافة ما صدته كنت مركب عدسة غلط

    احم احم

    لووووول خوش صورة

    • مركب عدسة على تلفونك ها !! اطوفها لك بس علشان خاطر معاذ

  2. I cant believe there was a full moon ams and I didnt see it! 😦

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