Who Laughs Last!

My day was bright-less until the following happened;

Students, girls and guys in the laboratory

Experiment’s objectives are met

Packing personal stuff and preparing to leave

Professor loudly:

“The GIRL who left her dirty tissue on the table, there is a trash bin behind the door”


Boys laughing…

A girl with a devilish tone:

“Sir, what makes you think it relates to a girl student not a boy student?”


“Girls are too tidy and health obsessed, so they always use tissues.

Guys are more careless of this issue, so they use their arms to wipe the nose dirt away”

! !

Girls laughing


Moral: (She) who laughs last, laughs longest 😛




~ by msha3erha on October 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Who Laughs Last!”

  1. lol
    3ad ana hathi 7kmiti bel.7yah
    eee walla he who laughs last, laughs longest =]

  2. Where r u long time no see ? and why no new posts? I hope you are doing fine

  3. Hope;

    Lol 7adddaaaa 7ekmaaa 😉


    I’m here, too many things to do walla mako wgt 😦
    Mo gadra aftr bain your nice blogs my friends.
    Will be back soon inshallah 😉 thank for asking

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