15th of Rm’9an!

Sallem (Msha3erha) ya-llah ,, 5alha lomha ya-llah 😛 lol

Kel qrqee3an wentaw b5air ;D


~ by msha3erha on August 25, 2010.

13 Responses to “15th of Rm’9an!”

  1. Kel 3am wenty b5air 😀

    So how much sweets did you collect? 😛

    • Sallem waladhom ya-llah … (redah) lommah ya-llah 😉
      Wallah kena naween ana wo 3ziz neftar 3ala byoot elfereej bs 5efna mn elwaldah :p La y7ooshek

      No need to remind you that the Halloween is coming soon, 3ad ma awa9eek wear your trick-or-treat costume and collect bloody sweets 😛 lol

  2. Happy Gergai3an =p
    o sallem mSha3erha yallah 5alha lemmha yallah =]

    • Entai a7san wa7da 😀
      <<< laish enech sang for me 😛 lol
      Teslemeen sweetie happy grgee3an to you too.

  3. اونتي بخير


  4. What a cute shot ;p

    happy grgee3an dear 😉

    • Fiooooon ya Fiooon hala wallah 😉
      I liked it too 😀 but it’s not mine I found it in google

      Thank you sweetie 😀 your comments always make my days

  5. sallem masha3erh yallah khalha lomha yallah 😀

  6. gerge3an o gerge3an baat e9’3ayer wermethan 3adat 3lkom 9eyam kel sena o kel 3am,,allah y5aly “msh3erha” allah y5alha lemha 🙂 happy gerge3an

  7. sooo cuteee fedaat’haaa ;p

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