Surviving Summer!

48 C !!Wooh!! Shawaya !!

So, I was wondering how I come to survive this grilling weather! And these are my surviving factors (Till now at least :p)

White everyday!

Shiseido UV protection cream

Pur desir de lilas body moisturizer and spray

John Richmond fragrance – I like wearing this at evenings-

CH for women fragrance – for daytime 😉 –

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Pur desir de pivoine body moisturizer and spray

Passion fruit lip butter

Comme une Evidence spray and body moisturizer




And of course not to forget

My little brother PSP!  Lol :p:p

😉 wo entaw sha5barkom weya hal 7r?



~ by msha3erha on August 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Surviving Summer!”

  1. ana mn ta5arajt ga3d ta7t elmokayef w 3ayish 7yati a5r enbsaa6 ;P

  2. shako alklonyah bl7ar?!?!

    adri fi klonyat 9aifyah bs ma tbarred 3la alwa7ed 🙂

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