Pray For (FourMe)!

In my previouse post Anas opened my eyes at the following.

Thank you Anas


FourMe is a blogger who is fighting to beat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer. Great bloggers are supporting her by creating a website where we all can post our prayers.

A message for the dearest FourMe:

I can not tell that I know what you feel ’cause I do not! I know what cancer means. I know how painful it can be. I know what it means to be afraid from tomorrow. I know what tears can do. I know how the feelings of loosing a beloved in mom’s eyes look like. BUT I also know how STRONG a cancer fighter can be. I know that FOURME can beat it.

I pray for you. Not for one day or two! I’m praying today and tomorrow and ALWAYS. Allah ygawmech besalama sister.

We love you and our hearts and minds are with you


A message for all her supporters:

Teslemoon and God bless you all. I believe in you

as I believe in FoueMe. I beleive your honest prayers will be answered.

Thank you all

Pray for FourMe HERE



~ by msha3erha on May 21, 2010.

One Response to “Pray For (FourMe)!”

  1. Thank you for your prayers and helping spread the message.

    God bless.

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