2 Things Tag!


As usual,,, tagged by my brother 3ziz


– Make you happy:

My Family & flowers!

– That you’re obsessed with:

My iPhone & my amazing friends!

– Make you sad:

No particular thing. I don’t feel sad based on small things!

– You hate:

Losing & el awadem eli et7en!

– You like to eat:

Grilled food & strawberry cupcake 

– Smell Bad:

Our parrot & car gasoline!

– About you:

Nerd & peaceful !

– That you did today:

Ma medani ;Pp One thing though, I’m doing this tag!

– That you’re good at:

Listening & fixing broken Hearts!

– That hurt:

People lying to me & wearing earrings sometimes!

* – *

Anyone wants to do it,, be my guest please

but I needAbi Cheeseburger to do it 😉 yallah hathi your coming back post lol



~ by msha3erha on April 19, 2010.

8 Responses to “2 Things Tag!”

  1. u and I have something in common!!! WE BOTH have nerdy side :))

    • Bill Gates said once:
      “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you will end up working for one!”
      Lol 😉 NERDS ROCK

  2. يعطيج العافيه 🙂


  3. I hate ear rings , I don’t know why , but I think it turn the most beautiful woman into an ugly one ;p

  4. Nerd mn chethy Dr.Jackal athar fech :I

    • ;S theba7tna ent wo doctorek!
      Wo te6aman being nerd is a tradition netwaratha e7na looool ;Pp

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