Movie: Remember Me!

Hmmmm well, nothing to say about this movie!

The story is ordinary

Robert Pattinson acted in a better level than his character of being a vampire ( in Twilight & New Moon movies)

Emilie de Ravin on the other hand acted in a ridiculous way :S I didn’t like her

I liked the fact of making the movie as melodrama insteade of romantic comedy

How it concerned with human connections and with fate

I didn’t expect a lot when I planned to see the movie, so the end of it was quite similar to what I had in my mind …

Not a bad movie!





~ by msha3erha on April 13, 2010.

10 Responses to “Movie: Remember Me!”

  1. Kaaakeeekooo…. e7m e7m la2 wla shai bs anadich ha ha
    bs soa2al mata betzorina walla Van nakad bedonich yer7am omich

    • Wallah law ennek mkamel elkalma chan sa7abt delete 3ala elcomment 3ala 6ool looool ;Pp
      Eeh wallah walhaneen 3ala Van. wo Mon. 5alha 3ala rabbik bs… elwaled ysallem 3alaik ;Pp
      wo 3adel yer7am ommek la tge6 badleyat comment 3ala elmovie yalla looooool dashaina shemal elyoum 😉

  2. y3ni ashofa wla la2 ? ;p

    • 7ayallah Don 😀
      Etha t7eb el melodrama shoofa ama etha kent tet3a8ad mn elsowalef elmo3a8adah la tshoofa looooo kelesh ma 3a8adtek ;Pp

  3. والله الفلم شكل البوستر ماله حلو لووول بس مادري

    يبيله اشوفه واحكم

    ويعطيج العافيه

  4. aby aseer movie star :E

    • Yallah eshwarana afta7 shareka wo atbanna mawaheb 3yal eldeera wo ent menhom 6ab3an ;Pp Wallah yani baksab mn warakom looool bs 3ad te7amal tadri wa9’e3 sa7atna elfaneyyah ta3ban ;Pp Am7ag wa9’e3 hehehe

  5. wedy ashofa bs 5af aroo7 el cinema w ye6la3 kela mga6a3.. is it?

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