Earth Hour 2010!

Saturday 27th March 2010

8:30 PM

Turn your lights off for one hour please for the global warming issue



Official Site HERE

@ 2:15  😀  ya ba3ad 3omri ya Kuwait City

1:27 – 2:25  Thank you Canada for lightning the way



~ by msha3erha on March 25, 2010.

8 Responses to “Earth Hour 2010!”

  1. sej 3ad wela daga ? 😐

    • Laa sheno daga!! Your first time to hear about it??
      Kuwait joined last year 😀 You join this Saturday ok? 😉

  2. Cool
    thanx 4 letting us know
    3ad last year I was turning off lights o my little bro would turn them back on just when I leave.. this yr I won’t let him =p

    • Lool my little brother was the other face of the coin last year :p He was the one who turned the lights off and kept watching if anyone of the family would turn his room lights on 😉

  3. I heard about it bs a7es chena daga :I y3ny mo ma3qola Afsel 3ala el Ahal o A6afy kahrabat el bait kelaha lemodat sa3a :r

  4. What about gathering in the garden of the house? you can use candles! or having an out dinner with the family? It’s only one hour ra7 t7es bel 7ar akeed cuz we have wonderful jaw these days :p bs it’s only an hour! and you hae to tell your familly the point of it mo taf9el 3alaihom wo ehom ma yedroon shesalfa :p :p

  5. next year ba7reg mo7awal el man6aqa :I

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