GCC Traffic Week 2010!

We are living the  26th GCC Traffic Week these days and as usual I was so excited about it. Not that I ‘m so naive not to know we people here care the least about safety, but cuz I’m so into transportation and traffic intelligent systems and these kind of stuff. 

I used to act as a hawk in streets in traffic weeks. I fish the stupid maneuver of  drivers and sometimes I try to capture them in pics. Unfortunately, this year I couldn’t really enjoy it since I’m busy a little bit in something else. BUT,,,,

One idiot driver coaght my eyes yesterday when he tried to wave from the left lane to the very right lane in front of 2 separated 6-wheels vehicles!!! :S The shock was this guy is a traffic services engineer!!! and he was on his way to attend the events of the traffic week as he told me :S  

One more thing: the spilling mistakes 3ala el she3ar te2thii 3yooni :S

Any stupid moves you eyed in streets this week?



~ by msha3erha on March 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “GCC Traffic Week 2010!”

  1. there r alot of stupid things bel share3 this week last week and the last 10 years maybe 😛 heheh la testaghrebain wayed hal things it9eer ib deratrna…inna 7ami el qanon ykhalef el qanoon same lama nshoof sher6i ydakhen bel ma6ar heheh:P

    i have a simple question 7ag elly sawa el sh3ar….shino el farg bain elly ye7thar akh6a’a el akhareen oo elly ma ye7thar?1 oo itha ib neg3ad ne7thar akh6a’a el akhareen its better inna neg3ad in our homes

    • I guess he meant: if you know how to drive safe, others don’t. So, be aware of such idiots who can kill you :S Ya3ni bel 3arabi etha ent te3ref tsoog wo tetjanab 7awadeth tara elli be share3 mo kelhom methlek 😉

  2. lol salfat el engineer reminds me how We likes el she3arat without taking a real action 😐

    • Hatha elli e7na fal7een feeh ;S kel youm habeen eb she3ar wo ta3al 3ala the real action tlgana fee el 9oub el thani !!

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