The dress I was looking for!


First and most important:

Heeeeeey stunning people 😀

I’m off-blogging due to abrupt and unavoidable circumstances,

but I will try to post whenever it’s possible.

* * * * * 

Well well well

Elie did it intently this Oscar

Got to get this fascinating gown for my upcoming occasion   

Monsieur Saab, wait for me



~ by msha3erha on March 16, 2010.

12 Responses to “The dress I was looking for!”

  1. awwww awesome:/

  2. sh5bariiii entai ;Pp

    • 6a3 mn te7acha :p abi cheeseburger :p:p

      3ad ana we7da ma kent fa9’yah a6ale3 7aflah fog el arba3 sa3at live lol
      b3dain ta3al ent waink?!!! shahar kamel adesh your blog wo malga new post!!
      Eshfeek la ykoon bta5eth long break ba3ad :S roo7 nazel post yallah

  3. good luck :p

    • Thank you 😉 7ayyak Beirut is calling :p
      Bs a5af uboy ygoolii 7adech mash3’al Elie Saab in Abu Dhabi :S loool

  4. lol have a nice trip ;]

  5. gorgeous!!!

  6. h3 adrey any ata5rt 0shosht5ee
    ana ali as3d

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