February Kuwait!


هذي الكويت …………. صل على النبي



~ by msha3erha on February 22, 2010.

12 Responses to “February Kuwait!”

  1. hathy leq8 feha ely nabee :r

  2. rabbi y7afeth’ha inshala 🙂

  3. Ameen ya bo6abesh

  4. i love the month of feb its super beautiful in kuwait!! and the celebrations are so totally fu…off course the madness on gulf road is like wth!! 😀

  5. We all love it 😉 and it’s like a beautiful madness when you feel the happiness of people out on streets 😀

  6. E Walah 9ajah
    By the way el PIC 3AJEEBA ;**
    Thanks a lot sweeties

  7. kel 3am o kuwaitna b5air
    Allah y7afe’9 Deeratna men Kel Shar =]
    enjoy the holiday

  8. I ❤ Q8

    • Ent shlon your comment kan spam madri :S tawni bs ashoofah
      Ana ba3ad ❤ Q8 waaaaaaayed 😀

  9. Ameen my friend 😀
    You enjoy the holiday too 😉

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