Craving Lebanon!

I’m a big fan of these two appetizers; taboola & grape leaves

Yesterday I had lunch in chilis. At the middle of my meal I just craved some taboola although I was eating a scrumptious secar salad :S

I couldn’t help it :S ordered Lebanese food for dinner including taboola and grape leaves!

Jd jd laha 6a3am ‘3air etha kanat mn yad lebnaneya :p wo 3alay bel 3afya

P.s: I don’t own the above pics


~ by msha3erha on February 17, 2010.

9 Responses to “Craving Lebanon!”

  1. :I
    ana ba3ad 9aar 5a6ri al7een

    why is it whenever some one talks about any type of food I Immediately crave for it :I

  2. Lol yeah I do suffer from this too 😉 even if it was just talking, words ya3ni without pics, my mind starts to imagine how the food looks like and I start saying yummy :p loool

  3. 3awafy oo 9ij mako 3al taboooolaaa wel waraag 3enab they r the best

    oo 6ab3aaan el 7ommoo9 :P~

  4. 3ala galbek 😀

    eeh el 7ommooooo9 oo mtabbaaaal oo el 3arayes oo etc. it’s an endless list :p mako 3ala el lebanese food 😉

  5. 3ayal shakly batzawaj lebnaneya 3ashan afta7 ma63am :I

  6. Yabeela 😉 wo ana weyaha n9eer rabe3 wo kel youm at’3ada weyakom :p yahi sha’3la to make money shay mooo 6abee3i

  7. im not a big fan of warag 3nab,,i do love taboola bs mo shay law 7a6a braces!:/

  8. *drools*
    7adi yi3t min il9war D:

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