Free Smiles!

There was this (thing) which I attended yesterday. Not that I wanted to do, but I had to :p and since I had been to the place before, I knew it would take me 15 minutes of walking to reach the building starting from the gate. Therefore I played this game which can be considered as an experiment or a study :p lool 6awfaw ana te3a8adt.

The plan was to smile at anyone I run to on my way to the building and wait to see how many will smile back!

So here we go,

A girl is coming by, Msha3erha smiles in a simple and friendly way, the girl continues walking as if she is alone and no one is around!

Two cute girls appear.  The same friendly smile comes up to Msha3erha’s face; a what-the-heck look is given!!

Here is a guy, an innocent smile is drawn; a node from head is the answer!!!

A guy looks happy and fresh minded, a smile with have-a-nice-day meaning for him; a wink is the reply!!!!

Ok maybe I should consider girls only in this 😉

A girl with a heavy book in hands, a smile says good luck; mind your own business is all what you’ll get from me!!!!!

 Well, I smiled at 17 persons and I got one smile back!! A very cute girl who smiled back and said hi as well 😀 there is still hope :p

Seriously people, why was that? The weather was nice and it was a good time during the day. Wasn’t early morning to say some feel grumpy and wasn’t late so we say people are tired! It was a very simple, friendly, innocent smile with no hidden bad intentions why not to accept it?

I’m a big-smile-person type, so if I have been offered a smile I would have certainly smiled back with a happy face ba3ad!

What about you?



~ by msha3erha on January 27, 2010.

5 Responses to “Free Smiles!”

  1. This is the problem with our community , when you smile they say why the hell he/she smiling ! in my situation if i smile to a girl she would think “hatha eshyaby beyte7arash!” and also el 3aks sa7ee7 so it’s bad idea in our country but of course you will see amazing results if u did it in the U.S for example .

    • 100% correct (y)
      and the problem is it’s free of charge! ya3ni laish el-‘6n eshain? Smile back mntaw 5asraneen shay

  2. LOOOL! thats sooo typical! Me and my friend are the kind of people who walk and smile, ooo we barely everrrr get anyone who smiles back! 3ade continue doing wat ur doing, eventually you’ll get used to it and who knows you might get a few more smiles back!;p

    heres one from me ;D hehe

  3. lol ill try this game some time:) but i noticed that non-q8eis always smile but when it comes to q8eis they either think u r mocking them or hitting on them .. leash madre!

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