Just imagine!

* 1 *

You are in a shop that, kind of, is well known for selling gifts and presents stuff. You are concentrating with the saleslady and suddenly,,,,,,

You are face to face with the person you are buying this gift for :O

Laaaaa :/ 

You try to lie & trage3 and say: yeah you know we girls nothing cheers us up like shopping for OURSELVES ! but it’s sort of a big failure since the gift is so much like that person  :S   And they dare to ask: That’s a nice present. Who’s the lucky one?  This ruins the whole surprising factor :S

* 2 *

In another store, your eyes catch an elegant shirt on one of the manikins. You try to find it between the hangers, here,,, there,,, NOTHING

You ask the salesman for a similar one, but he says it’s the last piece! Would you like to have this piece?  And because it’s really badly wanted from your side, you answer with: yes please!

The salesman started to unbutton the shirt and you notice that evil smile on his face and the look-at-that glance he gives to his mate!!

Few seconds pass and it finally hits you :O he’s unbuttoning the shirt of a female-manikin :$ standing beside him while he’s doing it is really embarrassing and it gives you the go away hook!

I’m not judging anyone and I’m not saying he has any good or bad thoughts. All what I can say is believe me you do not want to be in such situation where people’s eyes are eating you both with the manikin of course 😉 So I advice you to leave a distance and act like you have nothing to do with the whole state  :p

 * 3 *

You leave the mall longing for a little peace after things didn’t go your way. Seat yourself in your car and here you move. OoOh or no you don’t!! The car is not working :/ you try over and over but nothing :/ finally you decide to get some help, so you call your brother.

*  Hey, my car is not working and I’m stuck in the parking lots. Can you come and pick me up please?

–  Ooh why what’s wrong with it? Anyway I’m busy now. Call the other brother!!

* Hello, my car is not working I have no idea why, come pick me up please.

– –  Eshfeeha?!! Ok check this and check that if nothing changed just check these!!

* I did check everything, maybe it’s the battery.

– –  Ok call the driver at home let him check it for you

LoOoOoOL 7elweeen ya brothers 7elween :p :p

😀 😀 😀



~ by msha3erha on January 7, 2010.

10 Responses to “Just imagine!”

  1. noo way! That sucks 7araam! shino getltay 3ad ;p

    hmm For you!?

  2. Omg!
    mabee el maw8ef el awal y9eer feeni killish :S
    o b3dain next time call ur friend ohma eyoon ;p P.s el brothers minhom fayda bas mo bkil shay ;p
    enjoy the rest of ur weekend ;D

    • lo shayef el-na’6ra 3la wayhii 7azat awal maw8ef weddi agol laha shyaybech al-7eeen eshma3na :p lool

      Next time I will remember to call a friend 3la 6ool hehehe
      P.s: el mafroo’9 bkil shay 😉 bs hm 7elweeen 3sanii ma 5ala menhom

      Thank you 😀

  3. LLOOOOOL @ the Gift one ! I had that happen to me once, bas raga3t-ha 3adil! And she was REAL surprised when she got the present! You need lessons from me it seems ;p
    and the whole brother situation, been there done that .. I have three brothers and all of them give me the ” kalmay other brother ” attitude :p

    • 3ad your lessons balash? :p
      Lol eeh hathi 3adat’hom all brothers do the same 😉

      Thank you for stopping by 😀

  4. awwahhh!! lol to the first one has already happend with me…my sister walked in on me in hallmarks when i was making a goodie bag for her lol!! and the second one well ..hmm…nice advice 🙂 …and third one, u poor thing.. i hate it when the car stops all of a sudden …

    • Yeah it was in Hallmark for me as well :p shaklah n7s
      Well, what to do? 😉 If cars have brains, these brains well be pieces of junk 😉 :p

  5. Nice words
    I think I can imagine now 🙂

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