Starting from today I’m crossing out year 2009 and welcoming year 2010

We’re still on 27 th December 2009 I can see this, but I will add these coming days of December to the last year’s calendar 2009

Few years a go I learnt my lessons,,,



I Wish you all the best year you can ever get ! 😀

Kell 3am oo entaw b5air



~ by msha3erha on December 27, 2009.

15 Responses to “2010!”

  1. noooooooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaay :/:/:/
    is that really you i cant believe it
    nooo noooo it cant be gimme a break im afraid i got the wrong idea but i have to say it i think i know you
    i just did from your word special 😉 remember it gurl? you always treat them in special way and that what i loved in you. it looks scary though you are very calm!! where is that hyper and loud and shiny and brilliant and fast like one two one two and never-stop gurl? you are very calm here! and what that short profile you have?? gurl you have an amazing personality dont hide it haram t’thi3 😦 of course i still love your way in blogging like i always loved your special way in everything you are amazing
    i dont know what to say other than crossing your blog mistakenly made my day
    happy new year gurl and merry christmas :p it is snowing in vancouver right now and everyone miss you kha9atan layaly and na9oor :p hahahahaha
    did you know me or not yet?
    try this 😉 weeeen mooooaaaath

    • No way it’s you :O
      Oh my god! Am I dreaming? What wind brought you to my blog!
      and yeeeees waaaay it’s me that girl you’re guessing 😉
      I’m so excited and sure I recognize you :p 3adooool :p
      mooooaaaath sha5baaaariii :p loooooooooooooool is he still there fighting the world? loool mskeen

      Well, I’m still the girl you know don’t worry 😉 same face same personality 😉 being calm is just a mask I’m wearing :p looooooool no one bears to stay with such annoying person wela shlon ? :p lol

      loool eeh 97 layaly & na9oor miss me a lot :p after what happened at the airport 2 years a go :p hehehehehe I’m soooo happy wallah you made my day and you know what?? Shooshoo is here Christmas break always breaks :p

      Snow 😦 I miss you :p not you I miss the snowing beautiful city :p

      Thank you soooooo much for being here 😀 will contact you soon

  2. Lesson 3 : try to make others LIVE LOVE LAUGH

    amazing L’s

    • Yeah,, Life would be more beautiful with everyone in this world living loving and laughing 😉
      Lesson 3 has been added to the list 😀

      Thank you for stopping by AO

  3. kel3am w entay b5air w alla yej3alha sanat 5ear ya rab:)

  4. happy new year in advance
    hope 2010 will bring more happiness & love in 2 ur life =]

  5. Wish you a good 2010…

    Too bad the blues tied 😛

    • I wish you a marvelous 2010 in every and each aspect except soccer-wise
      specially in the premier league :p
      Yeah they screwed up those past matches :S


    w kl wa7d yt3lm w ystfeed w y9er a7san yoom 3an yoom

    my first lesson: Never eplain yourself to anyone because who ever likes, you doesn’t need it and who dislikes you, won’t believe it.

    my second lesson: You really don’t have to be nice all the time. Sometimes you have to show your bad side so that you can sort who can accept you at your worst mode. If people can’t accept you at your worst mode then they don’t deserve you at all.


    • Abi cheeseburger 😀

      esh hanooor in my blog athari ent
      Kel 3am oo ent eb 5air oo a7san wa7ed :p

      What lessons you have I like them
      Roooo7 ya 8awii
      Stil waiting for your blog update 😉

  7. Have a great year ahead of u!! wish u a very happy new year 🙂

  8. Happy new year to both of you too 😀
    Thank you for stopping by B & D

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