GCC Summit Welkin!


The roads today :

*  Traffic flow is zero, traffic jam is optimum!

*   spending  7 minutes on the road to reach the traffic signal before it turned to red again and  waiting  for 1.5 minutes more to get the green light of passing!

*  Idiots playing fool using the road shoulder!

*  Full directions incense especially by roundabouts!

*  50,000 cars using one detour!! sh3b el Kuwait wain kanaw men5asheen oo e6la3aw el youm!! (exaggeration number of course)

*  Losing temper and bad humor is all what drivers can offer today!

*  Tasks assigned at last minute to verify this humbug is going as it was planned!


Shasawi eb 7ali ana !!

 GCC Summit ,,,,, PLEASE please please 6el3aw eb shay mofeed hal youmen 5al en7alel mahzalat el traffic congestion we’re facing today 3shan 5a6er 5aleejna el wa7ed !



~ by msha3erha on December 14, 2009.

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