What About Now!

This Irish westlife boys all have great voices! And never forget to mention how handsome they look and  how rich they are :p

Although the majority of their songs are remarks, but still they performed well

Feehily, Filan, Byren and Egan : This song is just what I needed 😀 Thank you

Now that we’re here
Now that we’ve come this far
Just hold on
There is nothing to fear
For I am right beside you
For all my life
I am yours

Baby,, before it’s too late,
What about now?

 P.S: Song-What about now/Album- Where we are


~ by msha3erha on December 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “What About Now!”

  1. حلوه والكليب حلووو مشكووره

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