Two missing bloggers are really, strongly, badly being asked to come back!!

Abi cheeseburger




Where are you guys???



~ by msha3erha on November 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Wanted!”

  1. thaaaanks =D
    zaaaain fee a7ad missed us LOL
    walla ildrasaa ma t5aliii ilwa7d ykoon blmood 3shan yktb ;'(
    do u have account on twitter? follow me there =D
    w enshallah I’ll come back to my blog bs shway 5aal t5f ildrasaa 3lainaa ;(

    • Helooooooooooo
      Akeeed we miss you 😉
      Yeah tell me about that :S el mood aham shay
      Allah eywafgek shed 7ailek 😀
      And unfortunately I used to have an account on twitter but not any more
      Will wait for your new posts 😀
      Glad that you’re ok 😀

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