Coffee rage!

I was out with a friend of mine and we got near to the trade zone, so I decided to try the sheikh’s special drink which Khalid recommended once.

By the way, you were right Khalid it is great 😉

Anyway that’s not the thing. For the past two weeks I had to work 3 hours daily with someone who I can name (caffeine lover)!

8 a.m he arrives and the first words come out of him “can I get a cup of coffee please? “

Sure, why not! Let’s consider it a breakfast.

9 a.m “may I have another cup of coffee”?

Yes, sure

10 a.m “Hmmm, I really feel like coffee. Shall we break for 5 minutes? I think I have a headache from all these equations and apparatus modeling”

From that second on, I can not stand him!! Not for a thing, just because his out breaths are full of caffeine and I get dizzy of his smell!!!

Seriously, how can anyone on earth drinks coffee every single hour??

Are you addicted to caffeine too?


~ by msha3erha on November 14, 2009.

10 Responses to “Coffee rage!”

  1. No I am not an addict! I drink around 3 cups during the 8 hours and half I spend at work. Other than that unless it is Arabic coffee at home which is rare, I don’t really bother.
    Wanna work with me instead? 😀

  2. I can stand this I guess :p
    Work with you! Yeah sure you promised I can be the pianist for your coming-soon album, remember? 😉

  3. bel3afya!
    e o wain hadeety eley etfa8na 3leeha tra it’s my birthday el yoom ;P
    i love coffee ymkin 5 to 7 cups a day bas 3ade marat ma ashrab kilish! so im not addicted i guess 🙂

  4. Happy birthday Khalid 😀 you’re a responsible & mature guy now ;p lol
    I know it’s your birthday ;p I was just busy preparing your gift 😉 And yes don’t worry. Your birthday gift is on the way 😉 You know it’s too big for me to deliver it to your house ;p Apple is taking care of that ;p

  5. thanks 😀
    yalla kahom chennah yayeen bel 6reej ;p
    walla inch fahmatnii!
    kafee ur words and wishing me a happy birthday 😀
    have a nice day o gd luck @ work!
    btw how is ur new work?

  6. Don’t mention it testahal akthar 😉
    3ad 7asebhom 3la delivery lama testelem ;p

    Have a great day you too 😀
    but I think you made a mistake. That’s our friend (Eshda3wa) who has a new job not me.

  7. ee kahoo w9al imac 27 inch;p
    thanks 🙂
    3jeeb walla matga9reen ;p
    ee 9a7 sorry t5arba6t bainkom!

  8. I’ve never liked drinking coffee dunno Y
    Btw = Nice blog =}

  9. That’s better I guess

    Thank you for stopping by 😉 was a pleasure

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