Chelsea vs. Manchester United!


3shan 5a6er Bu Dara, my friend’s father, back in Manchester


Who do you think will score today?

Hope we beat you ;p I really really want to win this game

So,,,,, Anelka & Drogba be my guests tonight please 😀

You have  it all for you 7bayeb galbi ya blues 😀

* Waiting  *Waiting    *Waiting  😉


~ by msha3erha on November 7, 2009.

9 Responses to “Chelsea vs. Manchester United!”

  1. chelseaaaaaa!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Well mabrook the win. I hoped it will be a draw 3ashan Arsenal bs Chelsea won! We will beat them soon no worries and be there in the top 😀

  3. Like New York Times said
    ” Chelsea open gab at the top but long road ahead”

    Congratulations 😀 3la rasi elchelsawi 😉

    Hopeless poet:
    Allah eybarek feek 😉
    Which top are you planning to be on?!
    5 points honey ;p 5 points 😉

  4. lol
    mo wayed chelsawii bas my cousins kilhom yshaj3oonhom fa ana weyahom ;p

  5. 5 points but we have a game in hand! And we will beat Chelsea or some team will do us a favor before we do that and we will be on top! 😀

    • Looooool keep dreaming ;p
      No favors work when it comes to stop Chelsea


  6. Mehhh.. liverpool khsaraw.. nothing else matters 😦

    • Hmmm one Liverpool fan is here
      Okay they will win in coming games don’t cry 😉

      Thanks for passing by 😀

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