Koki & Valdi !

Once upon a time, we had a pet  ;p  end of story looooooool

I never had a pet so having one now is a big story believe me 😉

Everyone,,,,,,,,  please meet Koki 😀


Koki is a gray parrot. My sister bought for my brother since he loves animals. I can say it belonged to all of us at home not only to my brother :p

He really has some odd-way behaviors :/ He is never quiet except while sleeping. He loses his temper very quickly. He loves to fall on his beak!!!

A week later my sister found another more friendly parrot and she decided to buy it and return koki back to the shop. 

So, everyone,,,,,,,,, please meet Valdi ;p


Seems to be koki right? ;p loooooooooool wallah ashek enhom twins 😉

 You know,  that’s much better. Viva is really cute, he allows me to play with him and he allows my brother to carry him on hands. Look at these…….


My brother carrying Viva trying to tease K


My little nephew is happy and spending good time watching ;p

Oh yes let me ask you this, did you know that these parrots adore eating ( 7ab shamsi)? looool I did not know until we had to buy some for them 😉

Do you have pets?  If no, which one you’d like to have???




~ by msha3erha on October 29, 2009.

8 Responses to “Koki & Valdi !”

  1. shaklah ywaness!
    kan 3endii dog bas min zman!
    abee wa7d 😦

  2. Ya7leela thakarni eb kasko yadete Shamlan. Yes his name was “Shamlan”, very old school I know. 😛 3ad faqeer mat mota shaina. 😦

  3. Cute! I forgot what they call this type of parrots! My cousin used to have few like those! We used to have the green one and yes I knew they love el7ab elshamsi and they also eat chilli pepper!
    I don’t have a pet, but if I am to have it will be a bird! I am not comfortable around animals with fur!

  4. Hmmm I don’t know what they call them and I think the green one is more chearful looking-wise.

    They do eat chilly pepper?? Weird :/ I want to try it with valdi, but at the same time I’m afraid eymoot mota shaina as girl said looooool 😉

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