Toe Problem!


You know the English saying (Have a tour with your old shoes)?

I believe I did not understand it until yesterday! I came home died  because of one thing; MY BIG TOE !!!! It’s my fault actually. I spent the whole day walking here and there wearing NEW high heels shoes :/ I know that’s a stupid move from my side. How did I forget there were some activities to attend!!!!!! And I went with new shoes!!! I can not believe I was so brainless!

To make long story short, the result now is having a swollen toe. When I have shower, it hurts. When my soft and sensitive hands accidentally touch it, it hurts. When I cover myself to sleep, it hurts. When I walk, it hurts.

Ouch Ouch Ouch. Believe me you don’t want to know what I feel right now, you don’t want to see my toe, and you do not want to be in my place either!



~ by msha3erha on October 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “Toe Problem!”

  1. awww poor toe..
    when u buy new shoes wear thick socks and walk around in ur house for a while
    itll mold it to ur foot

  2. 😦 Inshalla next time I will remember this

  3. Praise be to God for safety I have no further comment

  4. LOOOOL its easy !
    cut ur toe u’ll feelin BETTER trust ME w try it ;Pp

    • Hahahaha
      Abi cheeseburger you must be kidding 😉
      Tell you what, you try it first and then I’ll trust you :p
      Lool I think I feel better now thanks ;p

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