I have no idea why I listened to my sister’s advice and agreed to try a hairdresser she recommended. I headed to the place and before entering the building, I noticed there is a weird piece of paper hanged on the wall. I stopped to have a look at it. I cracked up laughing when I read a sentence that was written with a really funny way says: 

” Bskom mkyaj ya jeyaker”

LoooooL  ;p

Shakla wa7ed mghoor mn ashkal elbanat elli ey5ar3oon bel make-up :p hahaha


I admit I wear make-up but a very simple one. It does not change my look daily and you still can recognize me ;p

Plus, I was going to have a hair cut not a make-up 😉

 – * * – * * – * * –


I had the choice with a couple of my friends to see the movie Love Happens ( it’s ok but a bit boring & below my expectations). When we were leaving, we passed by 2 doormen. At that moment, one of them prepared to walk away and we started to hear a song with a very nice voice. We thought it was the guy who moved away from the door, so we continued in our way, we laughed and said ooh his voice is nice enough to entertain himself 😉 but the funniest comment was from one of the girls who said:

” 9otah 7elo wld el-latheena”

From no where, a local guy appeared and said: ” Thanks bent el-latheena”

LoooooooooooL ;p ;p

6b3n we figured out that he was the singer a moment ago ;p

Can you imagine my friend’s face expressions ;p 😉

LooooooL en3eesh oo nakel ‘3airha



~ by msha3erha on October 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “LOL!”

  1. I cracked up laughing

    I cracked up laughing
    I hope to write in Arabic so we have every word written

  2. tistahil ;p ,, ashwa enha yat 3la ebn elatheeena ;p mo shai thani ;p

  3. aham shay eshloon ur hair?

  4. كان هناك رجل و رحل
    ان شاء الله … بس احس نفسي اريد اكتب عربي راح تقرا عربي 🙂

    Don: Looool yeah 😉

    Eshda3wa: I had a nice haircut 6b3n 😉
    medium layered haircut is just my style 🙂

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