I can brief what I have been doing lately in one word, RESEARCH!

There is a research centre that needed some extra staff to complete a huge research they have started few months ago and I was lucky to be in 😀

The nature of the research centre is creating transportation studies. I was excited and began to get my hopes up high right from the second day. As I expected, the work went great and proceeded softly UNTILL last Monday!

During this week, everybody was  loaded with additional tasks.

  One of the tasks that had assigned to me was to join two small groups to create roadside interviews. Yeah you read it right !! Roadside interviews 😉

 We had to settle in one junction or access road and stop the cars to ask the driver and passengers some questions.

 Examples of the questions we asked:

1-      What is the origin of your trip?

2-      What is your destination?

3-      How many passengers in the car?

4-      How often you travel at this kind of trips.

5-      Are you coming back from this street or taking another one?

 My group consisted of Shayma, Fatima, Yousef, Mohammed, and my self.

The other group consisted of Nada, Abrar, Sultan, Bader, and S3od. 

It was seriously hard. Getting up early, preparing documents and papers, carrying laptop and camera, heading to the location, standing out under the sun while fasting, handling the things with different kinds of people, trying to explain the situation to drivers in an uncomplicated way hoping to get their collaboration, managing not to lose your temper, etc.

Nevertheless, and honestly the members of the two groups were the heroes who every one of us counted on.

 We went through 100’s of situations. Some were funny and sweet and others were disease causing!

Two things I will never forget. The first was a guy driving alone and when I asked him where are you planning to go? He was like (I’m not sure, I’m following the white car to ask the guys in it what sort of engines they are using in their car?) looooooooooooooooool  ;p 😉

The other man when I asked him the same question answered with this (wallah I have a pigeon & I’m searching for a good place to free him)  Hehehehe ;p 😉

Lol, it was a nice experience. I hope what we did and what others are doing is going to be such benefit in decreasing the danger and improving the quality of transport.



P.s.: Sorry, the post is text without pictures because it is confidential and we are not allowed to use the pictures outside the centre.



~ by msha3erha on September 17, 2009.

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  1. Good night
    Eid Mubarak was here I wish you a happy holiday

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