Bravo shogairi !

Usually, I don’t watch T.V during Rama’9an.

I prefer to spend my time doing something more useful.

This year I had the chance to watch this show called 5wa6er 5.

Prepared by the one guy I love to call spectacular: (A7mad Shogairi)

He used to do 5wa6er 1 to 5wa6er 4, but this year he blows me away every day.

You know why?!!   😉  Because he went to JAPAN

I think this episode was the best until now. It’s about the blind people

I will not talk a lot. Just watch the show if you have time, really it’s worth it

You can watch it on MBC 6:30 p.m KSA  🙂


~ by msha3erha on August 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bravo shogairi !”

  1. agwaaa brnaaamj shftaaaaa mashallah 7ada gawiii BS kl ma ashoofhum a7s 2naa e7na mt5lfeeen w ma ra7 tn6awar klsh mlsh ;S

  2. LOL .. la ma ra7 no9al mwa9eel Japan low enmoot ;p

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