Phone Calls!


Some phone calls I had made and received yesterday. People can be completely freak some moments! 😉 

Phone call # 1

I called the sales department in one company to ask about something I bought and did not work properly with me. 

A girl: Hello good after noon

Me: Good after noon, May I speak with Tereza please.

The girl: She is not in this department

Me: Hmmm, is not this the sales department?

The girl: No, it is not

Me: sorry, could you please provide me with the sales department number?

The girl: this is the sales department


 * I swear she is the same girl who told me 2 seconds ago that it is not the sales department!!!!!! :S


Phone call # 2

My phone rang and I answered

Me: Hello

Male voice: yes hi, how can I help you?

Me: sorry, but you’re the one who called!!

A7mad (it turned to be his name): You called an hour ago and asked to talk to me. This is A7mad 3omar from the enjazat supporting team.

Me: huh!! (I was sleeping an hour ago, I whispered to myself)

 No Mr. A7mad you are wrong I did not call. I don’t even know what enjazat thing is.

A7mad: How strange, my office mate is so sure it is the correct number!

Is Amani your name or it is a mistake as well?

Me: No you were misinformed. Amani is not my name and that’s not the correct number for the girl who called you.

A7mad: hmm no problems what about joining us ma’am? Let me give you a brief  introduction about our services here.

* I got to give him credit for that ;). He loses no time and may be that is the reason his boss is going to promote him. Or already had I guess ;p

 He’s such a talker!! My God!  And they say it is woman who loves chatting ;p


Phone call # 3

 I was really away from my people for a while, so I decided to get over boundaries and call my best friend to arrange for a hanging-out day.

 Me: Hello

A kid: Helllllllllllllllo

Me: Oh Toto (my friend’s sister) how are you?

Toto: finnnnnnne (in our language zainnnnnnnna). Where are you?

Me: who me? I’m here and around sweetie.

Toto: so what are you doingggggggggg?

Me: nothing just reading a book.

Toto: I’m watching some boooooooooooring T.V show.

Me: is it too boring that you are enlarging the word to make it sounds

 like unbearable?

Toto: sooooooooort of. So are you going out soon? Won’t you be

 kind to me  at least once and take me with you?

Me: stop playing with words Toto. You’re hurting my ears.

Toto: just say it you don’t like me, poor me. Got to go, my favorite show is on. Good bye!

 * Kids :/ Oh god help my poor friend to have a sister like sweet Toto ;p

Wait a second; I didn’t talk to my friend!! I did not even have the chance to ask about her!!! Don’t ever put a kid on a phone; he is not going to shut his mouth! 😉

Have a NICE weekend you all 😀


~ by msha3erha on August 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Phone Calls!”

  1. hehehe funny post yo 😀

  2. My sister does the same on the phone, its so annoying!

  3. Good evening, very beautiful words – I wish you success

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