What’s wrong with…!


Warning: it’s a depression-causing thing!

If you’re after a laughter don’t read this.


About me:

I used to wake up happy. Start my day with a smile. Wish everyone I meet a nice day. These days, one look at my face could tell I’m in grumpy mood. I barely talk. I keep thinking “negatively” whether good things will happen today or not!

What’s wrong with me?!


About him:

I respected him …… & he is ignoring me

I spent about half my life attempting to satisfy him …. & he doesn’t spend an hour to know what I want

I kept my eyes closed and my mouth shut whenever his wrong moves showed to public…..& he is haunting after every single “personal” wrong action from my side.

Sorry, I do put a full stop here. Being (as a father) doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to hurt my feelings. I do hate the situation which made you in charge, yes I do. From now on you have nothing to do with me. You personally need a help!

What’s wrong with you?!  


About her:

I had a path to follow in life. I liked the way I handled with this issue:

“Never be normal”  “Never let things make your life”

& “Never miss golden chances”

But, being among people who think they have the complete right to put limits and borders is ruining everything. Trying to avoid crushing with them is pretty hard. Trying to keep your dreams within their acceptance region is way harder.

Just let her try her own way in this life. Be the one who supports and protects her. Don’t force someone to do things he doesn’t want.

What’s wrong with that?!



~ by msha3erha on July 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “What’s wrong with…!”

  1. I was here I have no comment of the most beautiful silence

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