Parents and children!

When I was about leaving the shop, I passed next a guy holding his mother’s hand kindly and guiding her which way to take.

 He’s taking care of his mother. I smiled 🙂

Just before I got in to the car, I saw another guy walking next to his wife, laughing. An old woman was behind them, walking hardly like she needs a help from someone in order not to fall. They got to their car. The guy with his wife got in and the old woman still trying to gather her 3baya and holding the car’s door. The guy shouted: “Yumma 5al9eena”!!!!!!!

What could you say for such (children)??!!  :/



~ by msha3erha on June 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Parents and children!”

  1. il7mdllah ana mo chthii ;$
    omk thoma omk thoma omk !!

  2. aham shay enna mitzaweg .. y3nee he’s not a child anymore !

    olla .. hatha shloon ra9’ee 3la nafsah


    i saw a guy with his wife and maybe his sister at the airport,the women were taking and carrying the luggage into the trolley and the man bs ga3d y3adil el-‘3tra !

    • some parents feel like their own boys and girls still children even though they are married! and it’s not the problem. The main problem is like what you said (shloon ra’9ee)?!!!! The simplest answer (ena ma yeste7i 3la wayha!)
      Thank you for passing by 🙂

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