What Did You Do Today?

Today I managed to:

– Wake up at 9:00 am

– Had a shower and then breakfast

– Went on reading a novel I started the day before yesterday

– Had lunch with family

– Had a hair cut in the beauty centre and got my nails polished

– Lammat el ahal  (weekends are for family   “or part of them  ;p”  )

– Watched (Angels and Demons) movie. Which wasn’t bad, actually it was better than my expectations. See, Last year I watched that incomprehensible and boring movie (The Davinci Code), which ruined the story of the book. And since the director is the same for both of these movies I was afraid I’m repeating the same annoying experience. But no it was good and I recommend you to read the novel of Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It’s way more interesting than the film.

– Went online posting this (On going) 😉


– Gonna do my daily sport-walking

– Take a shower

– Have supper with family (Again!  ;p  3la rasi wallah 😉

– Hmmm I guess sleeping will end my day. It was a boring day I know

but what can anyone do in this HOT killing weather anyway :/


~ by msha3erha on June 19, 2009.

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