Holy Qur’an with nice voice!

A very nice voice of ( Faisal Al-Rshood )

I heard it just by chance while I was trying to play

anything in the car and I liked it, so I searched for it

 and Here  it is


~ by msha3erha on June 13, 2009.

7 Responses to “Holy Qur’an with nice voice!”

  1. mashallah 9ota 7loo

    bs fee a7laa sm3ai:
    1- mshari il3fasii
    2- 9la7 ilhashem
    3- 5aled iljhayem

    o goleli rayech ;D

    • Mashallah 3laihom, but 9la7 ilhashem has the Egyptian style!
      I don’t feel comfortable with that…Yzahom Allah 5air
      & thank you 😉

      • la 9la7 ilhashem mthelhum but yemkn 2lii sm3teeh kan ygaldhum sm3ii tasjeel il3sher il2wa5r blmasjed ilkaber 7gaa 😉
        ee wallah gawahum allah w ur welcome 😉

  2. صوت جميل وتجويد رائع وخاشع
    شكرا لك عزيزتي

  3. he’s good mashalla 3alih .. bs i prefer el 3fasi & a7mad al 3ajmi ..

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