Ayyy :( !


When I stepped to that lab to do a blood test, I was trying to figure out the reasons which make me feel sick of such places!!!

 and when the girl extracted a blood sample

I remembered why I do hate hospitals :/

It took my skin 2 seconds to turn into blue and my arm began to swell!!!

My stupid, sensitive skin……. Allah ysam7ek 😦



~ by msha3erha on June 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Ayyy :( !”

  1. mskeeeena ;\

    bs n9e7aa 5alch mthlii 6b sh3bii ma a6b mstashfyaat ;Pp

  2. eysawoon blood test fe6eb esha3bi? ;p chan zain
    lol I do have a good invincibility to diseases el7amdullelah
    it’s all about my sensitive skin getting me in troubles

    Thank you for passing by Abicheeseburger 🙂

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