Sleeping disturbing!


It seems I’m posting above the average if getting under stress 😉 so let me do it now because I’ll be busy for the coming days.

Most hated things while I’m sleeping:

*   Most of all, waking me up after I have just closed my eyes :/ I would need at least an hour to get my eyes in sleeping mood again!

*  Receiving phone calls and SMS at mid-night. Two persons only I allow to contact me whenever they want. Others are NOT allowed to do cut my dreams just to “tell me they want to ask about my day”!!  You have 24 hours in your day can’t you choose another time to ask!!

*  Pulling the curtains away “to see the light of the nature”!! What I need is the DARKNESS of the nature people!!

*  Putting fingers on me!! DON’T touch me while sleeping! All you need to wake me up is standing next to my bed and calling my name. That would be enough!!

*  The annoying door knocking. That makes me going crazy even in my dreams!!

There are several and several reasons to hate being  up by others. I’d rather have a clock alarm instead of  feeling sore when opening my eyes early morning to begin a NICE day!!

What things you don’t like to experience while sleeping?



~ by msha3erha on June 8, 2009.

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