Movie: Coraline!


 Nice movie, but I didn’t like the animation. (The drawing style wasn’t beautiful I think) & my brother said characters look ugly ;p

I have heard the novel is excellent, but I can say nothing about it ’cause I did not read it yet. Give it a try and go watch it especially with little kids if you have any. They will scream at one point or another and you can laugh on them lol. Remember to BE CAREFUL what you wish for, Coraline did not 😉


~ by msha3erha on June 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Movie: Coraline!”

  1. not crazy abt that kind of animation either

  2. et9adgen ma3ani addicted to the jap animez .. bs ma7ib kelesh ashof el us n english animez! ..

    • I hated them after 5ab9at Disney oo aflamhom el’3beyya. Bs this one has a story. As I said they look ugly though :/

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