Abilities and Personality!

What a long long long week this week was :S but Finally the weekend is here and I can catch my breath now

Let me tell you about one of the time consuming things I had this week. For one reason or another I had to take an abilities and qualities test in addition to personality assessment. Take a look at some points of my results. For your concern don’t believe every thing in this results because sometimes no one can tell who you are except yourself ;p 😉

Numerical critical reasoning:

Your performance on this test placed you within average category in interpreting statistical and financial data presented in the form of tables and charts, and to reason with complex numerical data.

Ooh yes I always love solving math’s problems. I feel like using my mind while making x and y things ;p

Verbal critical reasoning:

Your performance on this test showed that you have a good ability to understand complex written information, to extract meaning from this information and then make logical inferences. Your performance placed you within high average.

Lol ;p believe it or not I felt like I had no chance to pass this stage of the exam 😉

Personality assessment:

1-      Interpersonal Style:

Your results of the personality profile suggest that your interpersonal orientation is more extraverted than introverted. Above average in social self –confidence, you will in all likelihood, find it easy to meet new people and mix with strangers. Rather reticent, you are conscious of what to say or do in most situations.

 Hmm I think that is quite fair evaluation of me. I do like meeting people and I feel no uncomfortable among strangers. I admit I’m strictly adhering to protocol 😉

2-      Thinking Style:

Presenting extremely conservative vies you greatly value tradition. Greatly enjoy bouncing thoughts of others. You seem to be a strong pragmatic, down-to-earth person capable of finding commonsense solutions to problems. Neither excessively tough-minded, nor overly sensitive, both intuition and hard logic are likely to influence your decisions. Extremely conscientious, your profile suggests that you are through, and attentive to details. Wanting to see things through to the end, you are strongly inclined to push on with even most tedious of jobs, making sure they are completed on time.

 That’s how I think I guess, logically and convincingly. About the details and perfect thing yes that’s true. I feel more satisfied if I complete my tasks faultlessly and on time. I don’t like to be a last-minute person 😉

 Lol I enjoyed reading my results today. I think that’s enough for now. Enjoy your weekend you all 🙂



~ by msha3erha on May 28, 2009.

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  1. hehe 😉 nice post .. and u too enjoy it 😀

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