Soccer commentator!

Have you ever brought a smile on someone’s face and felt like you made him really happy?

That’s kind of what I made for my brother, in an odd way though!

We were preparing ourselves to watch Chelsea vs. Blackburn match when he received an urgent call asking him to leave whatever he’s doing and head to I don’t know where!

“That’s not fair. I want to watch this match”. Apparently he couldn’t say no to the caller for one reason or another, other wise he would just refuse simply. Anyway he left the house with that “about to explode” face. I felt sorry for him, because I know how much he needed this entertainment after a bad day he went through.  

I tried to make it up to him and I did a play-by-play over the phone so he could kind of experience it that way. I cranked up the volume really high and turned the speaker on on my phone and did my best to keep up with what was going on. I can’t tell you how funny that was. I’m a peaceful person generally; I don’t yell I don’t scream and of course I don’t swear while watching soccer games, and that is the other face of the coin for my brothers. Or may be for all boys I guess  ;p

 I felt helpless when Malouda & Anelka -Chelsea players- scored. I didn’t know how to describe it for my brother. What I did was video-calling him to watch the goals by himself  ;p

He came back home when there were 10 minutes left for the game. And he was laughing on up-to- what-point I helped him feel better although I was a bad Commentator.

Lol I’m glad I helped, but believe me I’m not planning to do it again. I’d rather taping any show than having echo in my ears!

Thank you Chelsea you made my brother happy 😉



~ by msha3erha on May 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Soccer commentator!”

  1. awwww that’s so sweet .. allah ye5alekom 7ag ba3ath 😀 .. very nice post .. oo mabrok chelsea 😉 !!

  2. Thank you Allah ysalmek 😀
    oo mabrook Chelsea 😉 7ata lo ra7 3laina eldawri ;p

  3. ;> inshalla el kas lena .. wel dawri em3awthen next season bthn allah ;D ;p

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