Pasta in Pizza Hut!

I had lunch with friends in pizza Hut today


 Fettucine Alfredo Yummy

it was really tasty and much more delicious than the new tuscani

And of course as usual my friend lectured me how freaky I am!!!

All because I ordered pasta!!

(Are you crazy?? You’re the only person I know who eats pasta

 instead of pizza in pizza hut!!)

Am I?!! Oh really how pathetic !!! God save me from the disease I suffer from!!!

Loooooooooooooooooooool  ;p

 I prefer pasta to pizza, even in pizza Hut.  People what’s the big deal ?!

I always have fun making a mockery of this friend ;p lol. So while we were eating and chatting, a guy with a girl came in and sat to the table next to us. I didn’t care that much until they ordered. Lol imagine what it was! THREE LARGE super supreme pizzas!!!   Hold on; let me double check how many persons are there. Two, a girl and a boy! Hmmm did I hear them wrong! I noticed my friends were laughing  ;p they did hear “3 large ….” Just like what I heard.

We smiled and gave each other” wait to see what will happen” look. The funniest thing is they are both as thin as me!! Where 3 pizzas will go?!! ;p unfortunately we couldn’t know if they finished the whole 3 pizzas ‘cause we had things to do and left before them ;p

Bel3afya 3la galbhom 6b3n, but it was really funny 😉  I’m aware men always need more food for their bodies than women.

 I asked myself how many pizza’s pieces usually I eat ? I think 3 or maximum 4, how about you? Do you like pizza and what’s your stomach having-pizza ability? :p



~ by msha3erha on May 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Pasta in Pizza Hut!”

  1. hehe 😀 .. yawa3tini .. etha kanat el pizza large ele fiha 8 pieces i can eat it all 😀 ..

  2. lol ;p for sure you can 😉 you’re a man ;p
    Go have your lunch 😀

  3. they are changeing their name from pizza hut to pasta hut

  4. I do care about their food more lol :p

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