Show me your teeth :p

Still listening to “My destiny”  lol dashat mzaji 😉

Anyways, let me tell you about “Khalid” my uproarious teenager cousin, who adores teasing kids. In point of fact I can say he makes it as his hobby these days. Yesterday he paid us a visit, and accidently he knew that my little brother has just got braces on his teeth. And because he is “5lood” fa 7elaf ma e6awefha 😉

You need to know that if this guy wants to make you smile, he’s going to say (warni ‘9rosek = show me your teeth). He used to do this with everybody even with his parents 😉

After playing a playstaion-soccer round with my lil brother he said “ warni ‘9rosik”. For a moment, my brother (fach 7aljah) and laughed. That moment was enough for Khalid to take a photo using his cell-phone.

Ever since that, Khalid spent every single moment teasing my brother and eythella eb 6labata

** yib li maay wallah bawari 9ortek 7ag F9il (his little brother and my brother’s friend”

** goom saker elbab … wallah bawari 9ortek 7ag F9il

** roo7 nad 5wanek 5al nel3b… wallah bawari 9ortek 7ag F9il

** ga99er 3la 9ot el t.v… wallah bawari 9ortek 7ag F9il

** roo7 edres… wallah bawari 9ortek 7ag F9il

** telefon baitkom eren goom red… wallah bawari 9ortek 7ag F9il

** etc. etc.

Lol kesar 5a6ri oo ana kelah ella my family .. touch one of them & you’re dead ;p

so I asked Khalid to delete the photo in front of him 3shan yerta7 en F9il ma ra7 eshoofha, but after I took it for this post :p


~ by msha3erha on May 8, 2009.

9 Responses to “Show me your teeth :p”

  1. ba3ad okhooch to7fa

    ya3ni marada fa9l beshoof ethrosah!

  2. hehehe akeed bs t3alai golilah halkalam
    begol b3ad ma te3awadt 3la shakelhom mabi 7ad eshofhom
    lool yahaloo ;p

  3. 7araaaaaaaaaaaaam ;p !! .. now the whole universe will see his pic not only f9eel ;Pp .. lol

  4. Sooner or later everybody will see his teeth ;p

  5. لووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووول

    اهم شي انج حاطتها بالبلوق لووووووول

    حلو الblackmail
    اذا على ضحك .. يونس لوووول

  6. loool ;p

  7. فضحتي الولد لوووووووووووول ودي افتن عليج وواقوله انج حاطه صورته ههههههههه

  8. Maskeen ma siwat 3alaih taqweem xD Al7een mo bs Fai9al shafhom, 7ata e7na :P!

  9. جنون الكويت:
    lol too late girl ;p I showed him the post ;p thanks for passing by 😉

    3adi 3adi ra7 yet3wad 😉

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