Mood indicator!



And hello bloggers 😉

I was near the water cooler in our corridor when I thought to leave a greetings to my blog ;p

I leave things there everyday. Like an indicator of my mood


For instance this one for the beginning of the week ;p


hehehe I bet your mood is no different than this, is it? ;p


Don’t worry it’s going to be just like the following after few hours. Hmmm or let’s not to be that optimistic and say at the end of the day ;p



Ok at the middle of the week, I look like this (7addi emsa6la)


No time to itch my head ;p lol but still I comb my hair hehehehe


NOW my favorite, weekend time 😉


Yes yes, I am mean ;p


There is one more thing, my lil brother (my competitor).  He always tries to put his little things on the water cooler before I put mine.


We ruled the game by  “Get there first … & you’ll put yours for the rest of the day & you can put your name on in addition”

And today is my day lol ;p although there are no enough letters heheheh


Have A Nice Day 😀


~ by msha3erha on May 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “Mood indicator!”

  1. hehe cute smilies 😀 .. inshalla ur mood ekon like the weekend mood always ;p ..

  2. لوووول حبيت الMean faces بآخر صوره

  3. weyyach thanks msha3erha 😀

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