Have you watched “InkHeart” movie before?

Or have you read the book? “I recommend you to read it btw”

Watch the trailer to understand what I’m talking about in this post

Yesterday I was watching the movie for the second time with my little brother. At some point, weird thoughts had come to my mind. Can you imagine yourself having an amazing talent to bring characters out of their books?!! Just like Mo Folchart and his daughter in the movie

I have gone long with my thoughts into that fiction world and continued dreaming of what characters I want to bring out if I have that power. So, take a look at my list:

Leonardo from   “Lucky Leonardo”     ..   This guy is hilarious ;p


Derek  from  “ The secret garden” book ….. he is a very nice and sensitive boy

Pippin & meriadoc from “ The lord of the rings” especially volume 3 …. They were funny ;p


Lenalee lee  from “D. Gray-man”  especially volume 7 ….. I like her for no reason ;p

Robert Langdon  from “Da vinci code”  ….  intelligent professors are strongly needed these days ;p


I have read about thousands of books’ characters, but I can’t remember which ones deserve to become real in this world.  I just want to meet these interlopers and I am going to send them back to their books after that of course ;p ;p

I wonder what characters you wish to bring out to your world?!   😉


~ by msha3erha on May 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “InkHeart!”

  1. فكرة الفلم وايد حلوه.. لازم اشوف الفلم قريب ان شاء الله

    بالنسبه للشخصيات الي ابي اييبهم للعالم الواقعي هممم

    uzomaki – GTO manga

    وجراندايز 😛

    لووول مادري بعد شقول بس في وايد شخصيات ومو قادر اذكرهم

  2. intersting post 😉 .. i have the movie bs lel7een mashefta :p .. chan zain 3endi that talent ;p .. wayed characters weddi ayeb .. the whole BLEACH manga characters with all the superpowers they have ;p loool .. o0 Batman :p ..

  3. Yousif,
    I did not watch that manga, will search for it & yes watch the movie it’s good 🙂

    Is there a book for bleach?I did not read it
    And you want all of them :0 wal wal ma bat5ale9 ;p Yes yes bring Kurosaki out, he is the best 😉
    and tell Chad to smile for God’s sake ;p

  4. hehe yeah fih manga for bleach ;p .. loool la 5alai chad Actin tough as always hehe 😀 ..

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